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Jeremy Zilar Photo by Soo-Jeong Kang / The New York Times

Jeremy Zilar is the Blog Specialist and Content Strategist at The New York Times where he has overseen the launch of over 200+ blogs, real-time news publishing, and helped convert over 600 writers and editors around the world into digital-first journalists.

In early 2006, he was hired at The New York Times as a Design Technologist to build out and integreate blogs into NYTimes.com. Over the next few months he proceeded to design and develop a scalable framework for creative online publishing on NYTimes.com and set out to teach writers and editors across the Times about the ethics of online publishing, as well as establishing the first newsroom guidelines for moderating reader comments and interaction.

Since then he has overseen the launch of over 200+ blogs, and in collaboration with some of the best writers and editors in the world, has helped to shaped the coverage of 2 Presidental Elections, 4 Olympic Games, 2 World Cups, 1 Mars landing, multiple hurricanes — both near and far, countless breaking news events, crossword tournaments, Apple live events, fashion shows and debates.


In 2001, he graduated from the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in Denver, Colorado where he studied Contemporary Painting and Drawing and Digital Media, and won numerous awards. That same year his work was included in shows at a number of Denver-based galleries, including shows at The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver and a show at the Singer Gallery at the Mizel Arts Center with Agnes Martin, Chuck Close and Clark Richert.

In 2004, he had a solo show of a series of large photographs at the O.K. Harris Gallery in SOHO, New York City, titled 'The Actual Plane'.

News and Politics

Breaking News

Over the years, I have played an active part in developing the way the Times presents its coverage of breaking news and live events.

Features, Fashion and Lifestyle

Local News

In 2011, I was part of a team in the newsroom that built out a small network of blogs that focused on local news coverage in Maplewood, N.J and Fort Greene, Brooklyn for the first year. In the second year, these blogs shifted focus and began to work with students from CUNY's Jounalism program and Jay Rosen's Studio 20 program at NYU. The Maplewood, N.J. blog was dropped and a blog in the East Village was started.

Internal Communication & Documentation

I designed, built, architected and coordinated the launch of InSite, The Times’ internal, company news and documentation site.

Metrics, Analytics and Reporting

In 2011, I developed a dashboard for editors in the newsroom that combined APIs from NYTimes.com, Chartbeat, Facebook Graph, WebTrends, and Google Analytics. The goal was to develop a consistent language for understanding reader and audience behavior and metrics.

Questions we aimed to answer
- What time of day are readers watching video?
- Are readers reading long-form content in the evening, more than the middle of the day?
- What type of impact are we noticing from other time-zones as they wake up, and what are they reading?
- Where in our articles are our readers dropping off, and where are they going?
- What percentage of readers on an article are new to the site, and where did they come from?

Rookie Magazine

I have been fortunate to play a part in the realization of a remarkable project by Tavi Gevinson. In September 2011, I was approached by a group of talented friends and colleagues in New York City who were trying to get Tavi's new site Rookie designed, developed and launched in less than a month. I helped to bring together a supporting team of developers, designers to build Rookie from the ground up. I continue to be an advisor and mentor to the project.

Maple Street School

In 2011, I joined the Board at Maple Street School as the Chair of Communication and Design.

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